How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Home Interior in Simcoe County?


“How much to paint my 1200/2200 sq ft home?”


“What are your rates?”


“How much do you charge to paint a bedroom/bathroom/living room/staircase?”


One of the most often asked questions we receive from customers is about our rates and pricing. People want to know how much hiring a professional painting company costs. 

Unfortunately, it is almost always impossible to provide a direct, one size fits all answer to these questions. There are many factors to consider that make each project unique in how it is quoted and priced. This is why we almost always request more information, and usually ask to arrange an in person meeting to review the project. 


Things to Consider


Accurately pricing your interior painting project is all about the details. 


  • Is the home occupied or empty?

  • Are the walls in good condition or do they require a lot of repairs?

  • What needs to be painted? Is it just the walls? How about the ceilings, trim work, doors, etc.? 

  • What grade of paint is going to be used? 

  • How many colours are you choosing?

  • Are you switching from a very dark colour to a very light one?

  • Are there any special projects like wall paper removal, major drywall repairs or even popcorn ceiling removal?


How is an Estimate for an Interior Painting Project Calculated?


Most professional painting companies estimate interior painting projects in basically the same manner. An estimator will meet with you to review the scope of work and take notes on everything that requires painting, including prep work and details for any special projects. 


During this meeting they will record the “labour hours” required for each task in your project. A good estimator has very accurate knowledge of production rates for all aspects of an interior painting project. Next, they will also calculate the quantities of paint required for each component of your project, along with details about paint grades, sheens, and primers. 


​The cost of your painting project is then calculated by adding up the total projected labour hours multiplied by the labour rate, along with the cost of all the materials required to complete the project. A professional painting company’s labour rates are determined by their payroll, business overhead, and projected net profit.


A professional painting company will estimate your project honestly. Meaning, they will account for enough time to properly complete each step of your project and will stand by their price from the beginning to the very end. 


Ok, So How Much Will it Cost to Paint My House?


Now that we have discussed what goes into a quote for interior painting, we can provide you some rough pricing guidelines for commonly requested interior painting projects. 

The following are rough pricing guidelines for typical homes in Simcoe County, ranging in size from 1200sq ft - 2200 sq ft with ceilings up to 9ft. The prices are pre-tax and include the cost of all labour and materials, normal prep work, two coats on all surfaces and using mid grade paint from Benjamin Moore.

*Whole house repaint pricing guidelines have left out closets, doors, and stair systems. 


Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Our base rate for removal starts at $4 per square foot of ceiling space. This rate is for unpainted texture and includes room preparation, texture removal, skim coating, sanding, one coat of primer and two coats of paint. 


Removing your popcorn texture and smoothing out your ceilings are a really smart and effective way to add space and value to your home. Our popcorn ceiling removal system consists of:

  • Meticulous preparation - before the removal process begins we protect your floors and walls from debris and dust with rosin paper and plastic drop sheeting. 

  • Utilize state of the art Festool HEPA vacuum sanding technology to remove the texture from the ceiling.

  • Clean as we go - our removal method involves simultaneous vacuuming and sanding to minimize dust and debris in the work site. 

  • Smooth out all irregularities - oftentimes after we have removed the texture from the ceiling we discover the subpar taping and drywall installation underneath. We remedy this by applying a skim coat of plaster over the ceiling, and floating out any non-smooth tape lines.*

  • Sand down skim coat. 

  • Apply one coat of primer

  • Touch up any deficiencies (we use high power work lights to find them)

  • Apply two coats of flat ceiling paint

  • Clean up - We're almost done! We make sure to remove and dispose of all masking materials used in the removal process. Afterwards we will sweep and vaccuum to ensure your room is clean and ready to be lived in again. 

  • Admire your new beautiful smooth ceiling! 


If your home was built before 1990 we have a policy of requiring the texture to be tested for asbestos before any work commences.*


*Replacing failed tape lines or doing major drywall repairs will incur additional charges

**The Painters do not provide asbestos testing services, however we can refer you to a trusted local testing company. If your ceiling tests positive for asbestos, we are unable to proceed with your removal project.

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