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We take great care to prepare all surfaces before we begin painting as this is this is the most important aspect to ensuring a clean, beautiful paint job that will stand the test of time.

Our Interior Paint Preparation Includes:

  • Covering and protecting all furniture and floors.

  • Removing all hardware such as curtain rods, switch plates, cover plates, and window latches.

  • Scraping, patching and sanding walls.

  • Repairing any wall and ceiling cracks or holes with spackle, sanding and spot priming.

  • Sanding out old hardened drips and rough areas where previous paint jobs have failed.

  • Cleaning and sanding glossy surfaces and trim to ensure proper paint adhesion.

  • Caulking cracks in wood trim and along trim and wall seam.

  • Clean up work areas at the end of each day.

exterior repaint



When an exterior of a home is painted incorrectly, it begins to crack and peel within a year. We will inspect and prep every surface of your home before we begin painting.

Exterior Painting Preparation:

  • Protecting areas with drop cloths.

  • Scraping and sanding cracked and peeling paint.

  • Re-caulking windows and edges where silicon as cracked or failed, and razor cleaning window sashes, where necessary.

  • Priming bare wood.

  • Cleaning up paint residue made from scraping old peeling paint.

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